Mitsunari Baba Living Together

Episode 1

A: “Of course.”
C: Concentrate on work.

Episode 2

A: “I trust you.”
A: “No, no…”

Episode 3

A: Chase after him.
A: “I’m a little mad.”

Episode 4

C: “What do you want to eat?”
B: “Don’t work too hard.”

Episode 5

A: “About my boyfriend.”
B: “Sorry, I already have a boyfriend.”

Episode 6

C: “What about what the kids want?”
B: “Someone gave it to me.”

Episode 7

B: “Help, Baba!”
A: “I’m sorry.”

Episode 8

C: “That’s up to you.”
B: “Let’s do our best.”

Episode 9

C: Look at Baba.
C: “Thanks.”

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