Soryu Oh Living Together

Episode 1

C: Sneak a peek.
B: “Just a little more.”

Episode 2

C: “There was a man following me…”
A: “Just about the deal.”

Episode 3

A: “Good luck, everyone.”
C: “I couldn’t help it.”

Episode 4

A: “I feel like you always spoil me.”
A: Answer him.

Episode 5

C: “Ryosuke will come through.”
C: “Yeah, let’s go.”

Episode 6

A: “I’m fine.”
C: “You should’ve woken me up.”

Episode 7

A: “How about some coffee?”
C: “I think you two will get along well.”

Episode 8

B: “I think so, too.”
B: “I’m glad you’re done.”

Episode 9

B: “Same for you.”
A: “It’s not that big of a deal.”