Soryu Oh Twist of Fate

Episode 1

A: “Every day is so fun.”
A: Talk to the dog.

Episode 2

B: “It’s rewarding.”
C: “I’ll cook.”

Episode 3

A: “Yes.”
B: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

Episode 4

B: “No, I’m happy.”
A: Send him pics of Jasmine.

Episode 5

C: Find an animal hospital.
A: “I have a boyfriend.”

Episode 6

C: “A little trouble…”
A: Ask Soryu.

Episode 7

A: Tell the truth.
A: Call Soryu.

Episode 8

B: Call Soryu.

Episode 9

B: “How is this for my own good?”
B: “I trust that you’ll always protect me.”

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