Toru Kurosawa Sequel

Episode 1

A: “I was thinking the same.”
B: “It’s because I like you.”

Episode 2

C: “I know you had a reason.”
A: Speak to Toru.

Episode 3

B: “It’s too soon for kids.”
A: “Why do you look sad?”

Episode 4

A: “I know something urgent came up.”
C: Look at Toru.

Episode 5

A: “Don’t hold back.”
A: Hold his hands.

Episode 6

A: “I miss you.”
A: “You can find a way.”

Episode 7

A: I need to talk about Prof. Matsugi.
C: Hesitate.

Episode 8

B: “I’m okay.”
A: “Talk to Prof. Matsugi!”

Episode 9

A: “I just want to help you.”
C: “I trust Toru can do this.”

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