Sora Hirosue Main Story

Episode 1

C: I don’t mind…
B: I trust you…

Episode 2

C: It was cheap.
B: Order lots.

Episode 3

C: Say nothing.
B: Entertainment duo.

Episode 4

A: A dress.
A: Who are you?

Episode 5

A: I want my bodyguard, Sora.
C: Ask what’s happening.

Episode 6

A: Hug him.
B: A little…

Episode 7

A: Thank you!
B: I’m sorry!

Episode 8

B: Reassure him.
B: Are you cleaning it?

Episode 9

C: It’s a perfect disguise!
A: I trust Sora.

Episode 10

C: Sora
A: It’ll be okay.

Episode 11

B: I have no worries!
A: Smile.

Episode 12

B: Sounds like fun!
A: I’m fine!

Episode 13

B: I was worried about you!
A: Really?

Episode 14

A: A dress.
A: Are you jealous?

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