Episode 1

A: “I wouldn’t dream of it.”
A: “I’d be happy to.”

Episode 2

A: “He’s joking.”
C: “Maybe you’ll understand humans better.”

Episode 3

B: “You liked my breakfast, so…”
A: Keep laughing

Episode 4

A: “Thank you very much.”
A: “Stop talking about this!”

Episode 5

A: “I might like him.”
B: “You should go see Meguru.”

Episode 6

B: “I’m not so sure.”
A: “That’s cheap!”

Episode 7

B: “I was, actually.”
A: “I couldn’t sleep…”

Episode 8

B: “I see…”
A: “Alone?”

Episode 9

A: “Not at all.”
A: “Don’t be mean.”

Episode 10

A: Don’t say anything
B: “It’s cute.”

Episode 11

C: “Is it that strange?”
B: “Why do you ask?”

Episode 12

C: “I’m not sure when…”
B: “I know.”

Episode 13

A: Say nothing
B: Explain everything

Episode 14

A: “I couldn’t stop myself.”
B: “I don’t want to let go.”

Episode 15

B: “I wanted to see you.”
A: “Of course.”

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