Haruki Tanemura 10 Years Later

Episode 1

A: “I’m thrilled.”
C: “They’ll love it.”

Episode 2

A: “I wanted to see you, too.”
B: “I’ll apply to another place.”

Episode 3

C: “Where’s my ‘I’m home’ kiss?”
C: “I wanted to see the others.”

Episode 4

A: “You came all this way?”
C: “I’m sad, too.”

Episode 5

C: “We’ll be together from now on.”
C: “Haru to the rescue!”

Episode 6

A: “It’s not about less or more.”
C: “What should I do?”

Episode 7

B: “I’m not sure.”
C: Ask Tomiko how she feels.

Episode 8

C: Silently shake your head.
A: “Me, too.”

Episode 9

B: “I was thinking the same thing.”
B: “I wish you’d called me.”

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