Haruki Tanemura The Wedding

Story 1

B: “It feels like a dream to me, too.”
A: “Maybe something a little simpler.”

Story 2

C: “Maybe I’ll go to the Black Ship.”
B: “That’s an invasion of privacy.”

Story 3

B: “Did I space out?”
A: “That can be nice.”

Story 4

C: “I’m a little nervous.”
C: “Don’t push yourself, either.”

Story 5

A: “Let me think about it.”
A: “I haven’t decided yet.”

Story 6

B: “That’s what you thought?”
B: “Together.”

Story 7

C: “Can I help out somehow?”
B: “Let’s look together.”

Story 8

C: “Maybe it’s fate.”
B: “So long as our friends are there.”

Story 9

B: “Someplace you want to take me?”
A: “I’m happy, too.”