Johji Chakura 3 Years Later

Story 1

B: “Welcome home!”
A: “I’d like to help you, Johji.”

Story 2

B: “I’m so happy!”
C: “I know I’m still childish sometimes.”

Story 3

B: “Can we stay like this?”
B: (I can’t say no…)

Story 4

B: “How’s Koh doing so far?”
C: “I worry Johji’s drifting away.”

Story 5

A: “I’m not jealous at all.”
A: “That’s impossible.”

Story 6

A: “How about you?”
B: “Can’t you make it smoke-free?”

Story 7

B: “That’s a great idea!”
B: Apologize.

Story 8

A: “Me, too.”
B: “Can I come with you?”

Story 9

A: “Aren’t you worried?”
C: Wait for him to speak.