Johji Chakura Main Story

Story 1

B: I’d stay with you if you like.
B: No, I’m sorry…

Story 2

A: Do you know my parents?
A: You’ll make a good dad.

Story 3

C: I’m actually happy.
A: You’re right.

Story 4

C: I did miss eating with you.
C: You can work after dinner.

Story 5

C: You’re talking to the wrong person.
A: I’m sorry.

Story 6

A: I would.
C: Please come back safe.

Story 7

B: Thank you for last night.
B: Do you really feel that way?

Story 8

B: I like him.
A: Take his hand.

Story 9

B: I don’t want you to marry her.
A: I wouldn’t mind.