Reiji Uraga Main Story

Episode 1

C: “Is everyone going somewhere?”
C: “What about you, Rei?”

Episode 2

B: “This isn’t the time for romance.”
A: “An older sister…”

Episode 3

B: “What would you like?”
A: “It’s a waste.”

Episode 4

A: Go talk.
B: “We’re here.”

Episode 5

B: “Of course not.”
B: “I may not go anymore.”

Episode 6

A: Walk out in front of Rei.
C: “Doesn’t that make you sad?”

Episode 7

B: “I’ll help you clean up.”
B: “Don’t call it ‘work’.”

Episode 8

B: “Was it really that bad?”
B: “Rei, are you okay?”

Episode 9

A: “I’m nervous…”
C: “I’ll do something for you too.”

Episode 10

B: “Johji’s my guardian.”
A: “What does that mean?”

Episode 11

A: “I wanted to talk to you, too.”
B: “Because it’s you.”

Episode 12

B: “It’s in the past.”
C: “He’s right in front of me.”

Episode 13

A: “Rei!”
B: “You seem like you could do it.”

Episode 14

C: “I don’t believe it.”
B: “Of course I didn’t want you to!”

Episode 15

B: “I’m not drunk.”
A: “It’s a secret.”