Reiji Uraga Sequel

Episode 1

C: “You’re teasing me again.”
A: “You’re going to live here?”

Episode 2

C: “That’s you.”
C: “I want this time to continue.”

Episode 3

B: “I’ll be more careful, too.”
C: “Rei persuaded him.”

Episode 4

B: “I’m embarrassed.”
A: “Let me help.”

Episode 5

B: Look at Reiji.
C: “You should set her straight.”

Episode 6

C: “It’s not a nuisance.”
B: “I got a little carried away.”

Episode 7

A: Call out.
B: “I want to believe you.”

Episode 8

C: “Thank you for comforting me.”
A: “I’m touched.”

Episode 9

C: “I just loved him.”
A: “Just the two of us, alone?”