Story 1

C: “You’re you.”
B: “I’ll look forward to it.”

Story 2

C: “Thank you for lunch.”
B: “If you’re sure.”

Story 3

A: “Of course not.”
A: “I’d feel awkward.”

Story 4

A: “Things are better than I thought.”
A: “Really?”

Story 5

A: “You’re most important to me, too.”
A: “I’m sorry.”

Story 6

A: “Thank you for helping out.”
A: “Later.”

Story 7

C: “Are you worrying about it?”
C: “I look forward to your song.”

Story 8

C: “I don’t have what you need.”
A: “I don’t want to break up.”

Story 9

B: “Why is everyone here?”
A: “I’ll be back.”