Story 1

A: “I miss you, too.”
A: “It’s just you and me now.”

Story 2

B: “That’s pretty far…”
A: “You want to live together?”

Story 3

A: “I’m so excited!”
C: “It would be nice to do one day…”

Story 4

C: Look down.
B: “Do your best today!”

Story 5

B: “Why do you want to so badly?”
B: “But it’s hard for you too, Richy!”

Story 6

A: “Are you sure?”
C: “I wish we could stay here together.”

Story 7

A: “What are you doing?”
B: “You don’t have to.”

Story 8

A: “You don’t want to talk about it?”
B: “Do you think I should be with him?”

Story 9

C: Look at Richy.
C: “Everybody feels that way sometimes.”