Rihito Hatsune Sequel

Episode 1

B: Tell him.
A: “I’m still thinking.”

Episode 2

C: My legs are shaking…
B: Hold Rihito’s hand.

Episode 3

B: “What happened yesterday?”
A: “I’m his girlfriend.”

Episode 4

A: “Are you avoiding going home?”
A: “Can you listen to what I’m saying?”

Episode 5

B: “It’s about your mom and dad.”
C: “I believe in Richy.”

Episode 6

B: “Let’s plan it together.”
C: Pat his head.

Episode 7

A: “Of course!”
C: “We’ll always be there for each other.”

Episode 8

A: “Is it okay?”
C: “You did a great job.”

Episode 9

A: “Of course!”
B: “I already have plans…”