Story 1

A: “Both are fine.”
C: “You think I should go?”

Story 2

A: “Does it not look good?”
A: “Of course it’s okay.”

Story 3

B: “I want to be with you, too.”
B: “Me, too.”

Story 4

A: “I’ll be cheering for you.”
B: “I’ll help Richy too.”

Story 5

B: “Richy’s the impressive one.”
B: “I am calm.”

Story 6

A: “You’re really okay?”
A: “Did you want to say something?”

Story 7

B: “I’ll do my best.”
B: “I want to go with you…”

Story 8

A: “I’m nervous.”
A: “Thanks to you.”

Story 9

C: Look at Rihito.
B: “The same as you.”