Ryuzo Hatta Main Story

Story 1

A: Ryuzo
C: “Do you want me to cook?”

Story 2

A: “I do know you.”
A: “I’m sorry about yesterday.”

Story 3

A: Go to their place and cook.
A: Say hi to Ryu.

Story 4

A: “I brought you some lunch.”
A: “You’re really popular with the girls.”

Story 5

A: “Sure.”
A: “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Story 6

A: Go with Ryu.
A: “I’m glad.”

Story 7

C: Stay still.
A: “But you look sad.”

Story 8

A: Vegetable curry.
A: “I’m happy for you.”

Story 9

A: “We are childhood friends.”
B: “Don’t say that now.”

Story 10

B: “It’s no big deal…”
C: “There is a guy I like.”

Story 11

A: Work up your courage.
C: Scold him.

Story 12

B: “That’s not true…”
B: “My feelings will never change.”

Story 13

B: “Give me back that part you stole!”
A: “That’s not the way I meant it.”

Story 14

C: “I don’t believe that.”
B: “I’m sorry.”

Story 15

B: “I know you’ll protect me.”
A: Say you’ll go.

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