Masato Asakura College Days

Episode 1

A: Throw your arms around him.
A: “I want to go, too!”

Episode 2

B:  “Wait, no!”
B: Squeeze his hand.

Episode 3

A: “Not at all!”
A: Tell the truth.

Episode 4

B: Wonder where you’ll put the flowers.
A: “Yeah…”

Episode 5

B: ‘I’m fired as manager?’
A: “His performances.”

Episode 6

A: Agree right away.
B: “Remember to take care of yourself.”

Episode 7

B: Surprise him with a visit.
A: “A little bit, yeah?”

Episode 8

B: “How about a kiss instead?”
A: “Actually…”

Episode 9

B: Spill.
B: “I’m just a bit worried.”