Masato Asakura Main Story

Episode 1

A: Keep myself quiet.
A: “That’s right!”

Episode 2

A: Just leave.
B: “You didn’t need to say it like that.”

Episode 3

A: “Your hands are beautiful.”
B: “It just hasn’t felt right.”

Episode 4

A: “I’d let you choose.”
B: “Do you enjoy teaching?”

Episode 5

B: “I think it’s his passion.”
A: Smile at him.

Episode 6

A: Go alone.
B: Give it another thought.

Episode 7

B: “I have something to say, first.”
B: “…Maybe.”

Episode 8

A: “I’ll buy it, but you can choose.”
B: Listen to it now.

Episode 9

A: “Thank you.”
A: Turn over the photo.

Episode 10

B: “Why would you say that?”
A: Be curt.

Episode 11

A: Be honest.
B: Play the piano yourself.

Episode 12

A: Hold hands.
A: “I’m fine.”

Episode 13

A: Do it.
A: Nod.

Episode 14

B: Wait for him to speak.
A: Admit it.