Episode 1

B: Pretend you just got here.
A: Get angry. “What’s wrong with you?!”

Episode 2

A: Ask him about yesterday.
A: “Why would I eat lunch with you?”

Episode 3

B: …I wasn’t feeling well that day.
B: Be honest. “No…”

Episode 4

A: “What kind of clothes do you like?”
A: “Do you like rabbits?”

Episode 5

A: “You don’t want to be a doctor?”
A: Just look at it.

Episode 6

B: Mitsuru
A: Pretend to hit him.

Episode 7

A: “Even though you’re eating with me?”
B: I want to see more of the real you.

Episode 8

A: “Think about how your son feels!”
B: “Poppy and Yuuta will understand.”

Episode 9

B: “I think I’m jealous…”
A: “I’ll do anything I can.”

Episode 10

A: I’m not hungry.
B: I haven’t been feeling well…

Episode 11

A: I’m honestly really relieved.
A: “Try taking your hands off the bar.”

Episode 12

A: “It doesn’t really bother me…”
B: “Just forget about what that guy said.”

Episode 13

B: The body
B: Don’t say anything.

Episode 14

B: “You guys are so alike…”
A: Tell him with your eyes.

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