Episode 1

A: “I do.”
A: Smile and say “Friends, then.”

Episode 2

B: Only use my first name.
A: Wrap my arms around his waist.

Episode 3

B: “Want some of my fries?”
B: Wave and say goodbye.

Episode 4

A: “I’ll try using my tongue a bit.”
A: Ask him.

Episode 5

B: Go to his house.
A: Ask him.

Episode 6

A: Grab his wrists.
A: Ask again.

Episode 7

A: Ask for advice.
A: Just smile at him.

Episode 8

A: “I’ve always wanted to do this!”
B: Lean against him.

Episode 9

A: Wave back.
B: Say nothing.

Episode 10

A: “I’m sorry I hit you.”
A: Keep going.

Episode 11

B: “We can’t use that.”
B: “Let’s just have more fun next time!”

Episode 12

A: “I’ll miss you.”
A: Invite him to my room.

Episode 13

B: Be honest with him.
A: Go give it to him.

Episode 14

A: Shout as loud as I can.
B: Quietly squeeze his hand.

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