Sota Yamamoto Main Story

Episode 1

A: Hide behind Maki.
B: Keep holding his gaze.

Episode 2

B: Agree to wait at the school.
A: We can talk about ourselves.

Episode 3

A: Thank him.
B: Be honest with him, “Your smile…”

Episode 4

A: Food
A: Try to complete the objective.

Episode 5

A: “I want to do something together.”
B: “Good work out there…”

Episode 6

B: Pretend you didn’t hear anything.
A: Ask him to hang out some more.

Episode 7

B: That was fun!
A: I’d love to!

Episode 8

A: Sit down next to him.
B: You’ve got a bit of a sadistic streak, huh?

Episode 9

B: I really want to see you, too!
B: You’re kind of cute!

Episode 10

B: How’s your leg?
A: “It is my business!” Argue with him.

Episode 11

B: Smile and tell him not to worry.
A: “Sota broke up with me.”

Episode 12

B: I’m doing this for me.
B: Don’t go.

Episode 13

B: Don’t try to do everything alone.
B: Wrap up in the blankets.

Episode 14

B: “It’s a secret!”
B: Apologize.

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