Hyogo Kaga Love’s Battlefield

Episode 1

B: “I’ll grill some too.”
B: Get in Momose’s face.

Episode 2

C: “I’m used to it.”
C: “What’re you working on?”

Episode 3

B: Put one in front of him.
C: “Tell me why.”

Episode 4

B: “Third.”
B: “Edogawa cut ties.”

Episode 5

A: “Aren’t we enemies?”
C: “I want to prevent crime.”

Episode 6

C: “I’m feeling down.”
C: “I’m a good worker.”

Episode 7

C: “I’ll keep working.”
A: Get Edogawa out.

Episode 8

C: “Have they all been caught?”
A: “That’s high praise.”

Episode 9

C: “Are you okay?”
A: “Say something.”