Shusuke Soma Love’s Battlefield

Episode 1

B: “I’m fine!”
A: Silently nod.

Episode 2

C: Smile it off.
A: “He’s cool-headed.”

Episode 3

B: “I can do it alone!”
B: “Can I come over?”

Episode 4

C: Praise Soma.
C: Ignore him.

Episode 5

C: “Let me help!”
C: “What do you think of Iroi?”

Episode 6

C: “I need time.”
C: “I want to save lives.”

Episode 7

C: Fudge it.
B: Test his reflexes.

Episode 8

C: “I don’t know.”
C: Stand on your own.

Episode 9

C: Don’t try.
C: Get going.