Shusuke Soma Meeting Him

Episode 1

A: “I figured they wouldn’t listen…”
B: Go with them.

Episode 2

A: “It’s terrible.”
B: Lie and say it’s nothing.

Episode 3

A: Try to get a better look.
B: Ask to stay.

Episode 4

A: “Don’t you hate that?”
A: “Do I really look like her?”

Episode 5

A: Ask why you can’t.
B: Follow the collaborator.

Episode 6

C: “Stairs toward adulthood…?”
B: Try to be modest.

Episode 7

C: Go.
C: “…Understood.”

Episode 8

B: Hit their solar plexus.
B: So happy you can’t speak.

Episode 9

B: Silently bow.
B: “What does that mean?”