Hisashi Aoyama Main Story

Episode 1

B: “So you think we don’t need love?”
B: “I hope he doesn’t think I’m weird.”

Episode 2

B: Start by thanking Hisashi.
B: “Maybe warn a girl next time!”

Episode 3

A: “It’s nothing to do with our families.”
B: (That’s actually kind of sweet.)

Episode 4

C: “Actually…”
B: “I’ll leave all that stuff to you.”

Episode 5

A: “Would you want to experience it?”
A: “You really love the sky.”

Episode 6

A: “Did you think that was funny?!”
C: Say it was new and exciting.

Episode 7

A: “He’s sweet.”
C: “The stories are aspirational.”

Episode 8

A: “It’s traditional.”
A: “Ginger is warming.”

Episode 9

B: Phone Hisashi.
B: “We should call a press conference.”

Episode 10

B: “It’s just good, that’s all.”
A: “I’m not going anywhere.”

Episode 11

C: “They might cause problems, in the future…”
A: “You were faking sleep?”

Episode 12

A: “Hisashi didn’t say that, right?”
A: “I got to know the real him.”

Episode 13

A: Ask to have a talk.
A: “Will we see each other again?”

Episode 14

A: “He’s working hard right now, so…”
B: “The third floor corner room.”

Episode 15

B: “Is it over-seasoned?”
A: “I’m so glad you like it.”