Episode 1

A: “Stay a little longer?”
A: “Love.”

Episode 2

B: “I’ll convince my parents.”
A: “We definitely are.”

Episode 3

A: “Could you show me your office?”
B: “That takes me back…”

Episode 4

C: “Everything’s delicious with you!”
A: “That’s not it.”

Episode 5

C: Go back to your room.
A: “Why did you bring me here?”

Episode 6

C: “I didn’t know you two were so close.”
B: “Why are you being nice?”

Episode 7

A: “Sho, of course.”
A: “Will you do the same for me?”

Episode 8

A: “Please, just listen…”
C: “How’s your new job?”

Episode 9

B: Say you know his protege.
A: “You’ve got it all wrong!”

Episode 10

B: “Long day, huh?”
A: “Well, I’m not an expert…”

Episode 11

B: “I love it!”
A: “I know you will.”

Episode 12

C: “That’s not who you are.”
A: “I couldn’t sleep. It happens.”

Episode 13

C: “Aren’t you worried?”
B: “Sho can win this.”

Episode 14

A: “How did you know?”
A: “I think that’s wonderful.”

Episode 15

C: Say you belive in him.
B: “I have someone I love.”