Yoshiki Minagawa Main Story

Episode 1

A: “You’re imagining things.”
C: “Thank you.”

Episode 2

C: “I can’t see it…”
C: “The wonders of makeup.”

Episode 3

B: Look away and deflect.
B: “I think you were the quiet kid.”

Episode 4

B: Punch him in the shoulder.
A: “Thanks.”

Episode 5

A: Wave goodbye.
B: “He shortens words when he’s relaxed.”

Episode 6

C: “I hope we get to know each other better.”
B: “Let me make it up to you?”

Episode 7

A: Look at Yoshiki.
A: Chase after him.

Episode 8

B: Duck out from under his arm.
C: You sounded like Fujieda.”

Episode 9

A: Talk about work.
C: Give him a coffee.

Episode 10

B: “Like friends.”
A: “Yoshiki!”

Episode 11

A: “Trust me!”
A: Take his hand.

Episode 12

C: Make small talk.
A: “Yes.”

Episode 13

A: “There’s someone I need to see.”
B: Press for an answer.

Episode 14

B: “Sorry, I don’t.”
A: Walk closer.

Episode 15

B: “Please don’t go.”
B: “Please, just wait.”