Ayato Hidaka Main Story

Episode 1

B: Why would I be embarrassed?
B: Act casual.

Episode 2

B: You’ve changed, Hiro.
C: But how do I find a lover?

Episode 3

A: Apologize.
B: Does this mean… He wants me?

Episode 4

B: It’s not like that.
A: Is that the kind of girl you’re into?

Episode 5

B: It was only for a very short time.
A: Shove him off.

Episode 6

B: Give it a try.
C: Why don’t you take some, Saori?

Episode 7

C: Where do you want to go, Taka?
B: You shouldn’t ask him to take your place.

Episode 8

B: Why do you ask?
A: So you’ve finally realized that?

Episode 9

A: Tell him nothing happened with Hiro.
A: You’re right, the real deal is better.

Episode 10

B: Actually, I guess you can take me home.
B: Why do you ask?

Episode 11

C: Do you really think so?
B: A light bulb burned out at my place.

Episode 12

A: I don’t mind if you keep it.
B: You’re always joking.