Hiroki Eniwa Living Together

Episode 1

A: “No, I want to sleep with you.”
B: Help him out.

Episode 2

B: “I’ll keep a straight face.”
A: “Of course!”

Episode 3

A: Wake him up.
C: Confess the truth.

Episode 4

A: “It’s close, I’ll be fine.”
A: Ask directly.

Episode 5

C: Turn to Hiroki.
B: Don’t move.

Episode 6

B: Say something unrelated.
B: Agree.

Episode 7

B: “This is all your fault.”
A: Kiss him back.

Episode 8

B: “There’s no way you’re okay.”
B: “I don’t know anything.”

Episode 9

C: Look at Hiroki.
B: “I didn’t do anything.”