Ichiya Misono Living Together

Episode 1

A: Hug Ichiya’s pillow.
B: Wondered if he was lonely.

Episode 2

B: “I didn’t seduce him.”
C: Rest his head in your lap.

Episode 3

B: Thank him for his arm.
B: Cuddle up to him.

Episode 4

C: “Help you before that happens.”
C: “I want you and Ichiya to get along.”

Episode 5

B: “I’m glad you came.”
A: “Because it’s delicious.”

Episode 6

B: Kiss him back.
C: “You have bad timing too, Ichiya.”

Episode 7

C: Just say it.
A: Sit next to him.

Episode 8

A: Sass him again.
A: Respond in kind.

Episode 9

B: Ask Ichiya.
B: “That was terrifying…”

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