Takamune Kitami Main Story

Episode 1

C: Thank him.
B: I’m focusing on work for now.

Episode 2

A: Tell him it’s no trouble.
C: Thanks for worrying about me.

Episode 3

A: Say they were both cool out there.
A: Call out to him firmly.

Episode 4

B: How is the new team?
C: Why didn’t you say anything?

Episode 5

C: Sorry to trouble you.
B: You really are a pro.

Episode 6

C: If I’m bothering you, I’ll go home.
B: Just keep being yourself.

Episode 7

A: Calmly inform him.
A: It wasn’t all my doing.

Episode 8

C: Thank you, Ayato.
B: I’d like to go there.

Episode 9

B: A rollercoaster.
B: Could we go out again sometime?

Episode 10

C: Give him candy.
A: Try and stop them.

Episode 11

C: (Walk him to the lobby.)
B: Talk to Taka.

Episode 12

B: Call out.
A: Talk to Taka.

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