Shuichiro Momoi Main Story

Episode 1

B: Go ahead and climb on.
C: Call him Momoi.

Episode 2

C: “This coming from the ‘Prince of Pastry’?”
B: Maybe I’ll enter.

Episode 3

A: Stare back at him.
C: “That’s none of your business.”

Episode 4

C: “A-Aaaaah.”
A: “Well are you afraid you’ll fall for me?!”

Episode 5

A: Poke Momo in the side.
B: “That’s so nice.”

Episode 6

B: “I think it’s wonderful!”
B: “You never stop joking around, huh?”

Episode 7

A: “Of course n…”
B: “He did it for my sake.”

Episode 8

C: “Maybe I’m just tired.”
B: “What, it’s just a date.”

Episode 9

A: “I’m a little concerned.”
C: Ask him where he’s going.

Episode 10

A: Jokingly pretend like you’re crying.
C: I have the rough design sketch of that cake.

Episode 11

C: “I want to make this cake with you.”
B: Stroke his head.

Episode 12

B: “What’re you talking about?”
A: Tilt your head to the side and think.

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