Sosuke Kikuchi Main Story

Episode 1

A: “Have we met before?”
A: “You’re nice.”

Episode 2

C: “Yes, thanks to you.”
B: “No.”

Episode 3

B: “It was fun.”
C: “Yes please.”

Episode 4

A: “No, I didn’t.”
A: “Well, what about you?”

Episode 5

A: “Sure.”
A: “Yes, please.”

Episode 6

A: “Intuition?”
B: “Thanks.”

Episode 7

A: “We want to get closer together.”
A: “I’m happy.”

Episode 8

B: “That’s no good.”
B: “I’ll let you decide.”

Episode 9

B: “Because I was in the way.”
A: “Why not?”

Episode 10

B: “Yeah, they did say something.”
A: “You didn’t do anything.”

Episode 11

A: “There’s someone on my mind.”

Episode 12

A: “I wanted to see you.”
B: “No, it’s not strange.”

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