Yuto Tsuruya Main Story

Episode 1

B: (Guess it couldn’t hurt to tell them…)
C: “……”

Episode 2

C: “It almost fits you too well!”
A: “Sounds like fun.”

Episode 3

A: “I’m sorry.”
A: “It was past elementary school age.”

Episode 4

A: “Were you waiting for me?”
A: “We’re not a couple.”

Episode 5

C: “You look handsome.”
C: Reject him outright.

Episode 6

A: “Well, of course not.”
A: “I’m not going to push you to tell me.”

Episode 7

B: “I’m really not hurt at all.”
C: “Cheer up, ok?”

Episode 8

C: “Where?”
C: “I’m feeling thirsty.”

Episode 9

C: Wake him gently.
B: “I’ll do my best.”

Episode 10

A: “It’s thanks to you.”
C: “I won’t forget about you.”

Episode 11

A: “I can’t accept that.”
A: “Yes, I love him.”

Episode 12

A: Hand him a handkerchief.
A: “‘The people you love’…?”

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