Eiki Yachigusa NYC Case Files

File 1

A: Call him a “perv” and tease him.

File 2

A: Forgive him.
A: “I won’t do anything crazy.”

File 3

A: “I’m lonely.”

File 4

A: “You can tell?”

File 5

A: “Do you want to turn into Eiko?”
A: Be honest.

File 6

A: Change the topic.
B: “Okay.”

File 7

A: Don’t get mad.

File 8

A: “Sorry.”
B: “Eiki wouldn’t do that.”

File 9

A: “Leave the 2nd one to me.”
B: “It’s okay, I believe in you.”

File 10

B: Remain silent.

File 11

A: “I love you too.”

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