Hiroshi Kirisawa Main Story

File 1

B: Avoid answering directly.
B: “Let’s hang back.”

File 2

A: “I’m worried.”
A: “People tell me that a lot.”

File 3

B: Argue, “How could I NOT worry?”
A: Wrap my arms around him.

File 4

B: Talk to him.
A: “I could tell.”

File 5

A: “I’m not a horse.”
A: “Nothing.”

File 6

B: Remain silent.
A: “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

File 7

A: “I kind of feel bad for him.”
A: “Great, a haunted house.”

File 8

A: “No, nothing special…”
A: “That doesn’t sound like a good thing.”

File 9

B: “Quit it with the jokes.”
A: “Thanks.”

File 10

A: “Good morning.”
B: Pat him on the head.

File 11

B: Hesitate.
A: “Be careful on your way home.”

File 12

A: Call Kirisawa.
B: “I was scared.”

File 13

A: Get a car ready.
B: “I understand.”

File 14

B: “Give me back my tears!”
B: “I want to stay.”