Samon Main Story

Episode 1

C: “What’s going on?”
A: “You’re joking, right?”

Episode 2

C: Look in his eyes.
A: “I’m not alone.”

Episode 3

C: “Don’t apologize.”
A: “Okay.”

Episode 4

C: “I won!”
B: “I like your power.”

Episode 5

C: “Thanks.”
C: “You can tell?”

Episode 6

A: “You’re hurt!”
B: “I’ll keep it with me.”

Episode 7

C: “They respect you.”
A: “I can’t decide.”

Episode 8

A: “I was molested in the bath tub…”
A: “Thanks for getting the spider.”

Episode 9

C: “Have any plans today?”
B: “I like you no matter how you are.”

Episode 10

C: “What about you?”
C: “I’m too heavy for this!”

Episode 11

A: “Stay with me.”
B: “Exactly what I said.”

Episode 12

A: I look at Samon.
B: “I don’t want you to leave.”

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