Izumi Takasaki Main Story

Episode 1

C: Close the door.
C: Don’t you have to go back?

Episode 2

C: Wake up Izumi.
A: Thanks.

Episode 3

C: Don’t be ridiculous.
A: Leave.

Episode 4

B: Go after him.
B: Want me to make you some food?

Episode 5

B: Go see him.
B: Come over and eat anytime.

Episode 6

A: Talk to him.
B: I’ve been looking for you.

Episode 7

A: Maybe a little.
A: Is something wrong?

Episode 8

C: Wouldn’t you rather have taken Minami?
B: I’m hungry.

Episode 9

B: Izumi
A: “Yes.”

Episode 10

B: Tap his shoulder.
C: Take the stairs.

Episode 11

B: No.
A: I’m sorry about before.

Episode 12

C: …
B: Forget about it.

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