Jinpachi Yushima Main Story

Episode 1

A: “Let’s just calm down here.”
B: “Can I help?”

Episode 2

A: “Explain this to me.”
A: Go home with Jinpachi.

Episode 3

C: “What happened with yesterday’s photos?”
B: “I wouldn’t put up with that.”

Episode 4

A: “…Okay.”
A: “I’m sorry!”

Episode 5

A: “Because he’s a pro.”
C: “I won’t know unless I try.”

Episode 6

A: Obediently open your mouth.
A: “Thanks.”

Episode 7

C: “How many times have you used that line?”
B: “You like me.”

Episode 8

C: “You’re awfully confident.”
B: “I don’t know…”

Episode 9

A: “Jinpachi!”
B: “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

Episode 10

C: “What about you?”
B: “You won’t leave yet, right?”

Episode 11

C: “Don’t you like the smell of garlic?”
B: “I’ll work hard to pay you.”

Episode 12

A: “What do you think you’re doing?”
C: “Can I keep loving you?”

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