Masaomi Hibiya Main Story

Episode 1

A: Fine.
B: Of course not.

Episode 2

A: Are you mad?
A: What program is it?

Episode 3

A: No!
A: I was going to hang up a curtain.

Episode 4

A: Hi.
A: Thank you.

Episode 5

B: Sorry I didn’t tell you where it was.
C: Did you just compliment me?

Episode 6

C: I don’t know what to say…
C: I’ll clean up.

Episode 7

C: It’s not gruel, it’s risotto!
A: I’ll just sing the chorus!

Episode 8

A: Sure.
A: He was a jerk.

Episode 9

A: What do you want in them?
C: Thanks for saving me.

Episode 10

C: ……
C: I guess you’re right.

Episode 11

B: I…
C: ……

Episode 12

A: Want to eat something?
A: Long time no see…

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