Glenn J. Casiraghi Main Story

Episode 1

B: I think you should ask someone else.
B: Thank you for the offer, but…

Episode 2

B: They must be very important to you.
A: I was just wondering about His Highness.

Episode 3

B: There’s nothing vulgar about it.
B: Knock.

Episode 4

A: No, I’ll stay.
A: Well, it is a bit of a shock…

Episode 5

A: Say yes and nod.
B: Even shyer than I thought.

Episode 6

A: It’s no trouble at all.
A: Head out to the palace gardens.

Episode 7

A: I should take them all off then.
B: I don’t mind.

Episode 8

B: Go to Prince Glenn’s room.
B: I wanted to thank you.

Episode 9

B: Well, I saw you collapse…
A: Age has nothing to do with it.

Episode 10

B: Yes, I do.
A: Can’t we stay out here a little longer?

Episode 11

A: That was never my intention.
B: Not because of me?

Episode 12

A: How could you tell?
B: Try the balcony.

Episode 13

A: No, I can ask him myself.
B: Try the balcony.

Episode 14

A: I love Glenn…
A: Don’t answer.

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