Joshua Lieben Main Story

Episode 1

B: I’m just a student.
B: Don’t blame me for a mistake you made!

Episode 2

B: Respond.
A: It’s sad that he thinks of it like that…

Episode 3

A: Thank you for the blanket last night.
A: I’ll go with the gravy.

Episode 4

B: Go to Prince Joshua’s office.
A: Oh… really…?

Episode 5

B: I’m not very hungry…
B: It’s a rice ball.

Episode 6

A: You came because you wanted to see me?
B: It’s very silent all of a sudden.

Episode 7

A: I’ll keep to my room for the day.
B: Consent.

Episode 8

A: Yes, they are.
B: What indeed.

Episode 9

B: That’s right…
B: Try speaking to him.

Episode 10

A: Thank you, everyone.
A: Thank you all for everything.

Episode 11

B: Offer it to him once more.
A: No, not really…

Episode 12

A: I’m sad that we only have one more week.
B: I’m glad to have met you.

Episode 13

A: Thank you for saving me just now.
A: I trust you…

Episode 14

B: Help Prince Joshua call out to Jan.
A: Yes. Thank you.

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