Yakov Chernenkov Main Story

Episode 1

A: Stand in front of them.
B: “I’m shocked.”

Episode 2

C: “I don’t want to cause trouble.”
B: “Thank you.”

Episode 3

B: “I’m happy to hear that.”
B: Nod.

Episode 4

B: “It’s not made to measure.”
A: “I dunno.”

Episode 5

C: “You looked really cool.”
C: “I’m glad I could help.”

Episode 6

B: Get angry.
C: “You’re not what I imagined.”

Episode 7

C: “It was my mistake.”
A: “You’re teasing me…”

Episode 8

B: “A funny memory.”
A: Say nothing.

Episode 9

A: Knock.
A: Yakov’s hair tie.

Episode 10

B: Take him up on his offer.
B: “Can you see my mind’s made up?”

Episode 11

A: “[name].”
A: “Okay.”

Episode 12

C: “I’m happy.”
B: Nod a greeting

Episode 13

C: Nod.
C: Listen for voices

Episode 14

C: “I’ll give you everything.”
B: “That was amazing.”