Tokugawa Ieyasu Budding Hearts

Episode 1

A: “Of course you are.”
B: “I don’t really know yet.”

Episode 2

A: “Everything’s fine.”
B: “Your wounds should be cared for…”

Episode 3

A: “I’m fine.”
B: “I’m happy to see you.”

Episode 4

B: “What about my jobs now?”
A: “We should be grateful to Lord Nobunaga.”

Episode 5

A: “That’s a beautiful cherry tree.”
A: Watch him quietly.

Episode 6

B: “Just what is a strong man, anyway?”
A: “I’ll sleep on the floor.”

Episode 7

A: (I think I can handle that.)
B: “Yes, I’m glad you understand.”

Episode 8

A: “That’s okay.”
A: “That sounds like Lord Nobunaga.”

Episode 9

A: “Cheer up.”
A: “I’m not leaving.”

Episode 10

B: “They’re fine.”
B: Wander under the cherry tree

Episode 11

B: Make him stop.
A: “No it didn’t.”

Episode 12

B: Put it back.
B: “We should do this again.”

Episode 13

A: Call him Hideyoshi.
B: “I wish I could see you as a child too.”

Episode 14

B: “Your way.”
A: “Make this country a place with no war.”

Episode 15

A: “I’m just happy to be by your side.”
A: “I feel so sorry for this woman.”

Episode 16

B: “I’m scared.”
A: “You need to be treated right away!”