Uesugi Kenshin Budding Hearts

Episode 1

B: Politely refuse.
B: Refuse

Episode 2

B: “Yeah.”
A: “You did!”

Episode 3

A: “Yes, I am.”
B: “Nothing, really.”

Episode 4

B: “No, really, that’s not it.”
B: “His kindness hurts so much.”

Episode 5

B: “I dreamed about Lord Kenshin.”
A: “No.”

Episode 6

B: “Maybe I do.”
B: “I hate it.”

Episode 7

A: “I’m happy to be here too.”
A: “I’m just surprised.”

Episode 8

A: “No.”
A: “You have.”

Episode 9

A: “I love him.”
B: “I believe in you.”

Episode 10

A: “You wouldn’t make me walk alone at night.”
B: “You already are.”

Episode 11

B: Try to understand.
A: “Yes.”

Episode 12

A: “No.”
B: “I promise.”

Episode 13

A: “He was.”
B: Agree

Episode 14

B: “I wouldn’t go.”
A: “I’d love to.”

Episode 15

A: “How wonderful.”
B: “I tripped.”

Episode 16

A: Frantically avoid his gaze.
B: Bear with it.