Date Masamune Budding Hearts

Episode 1

B: Accept.
A: A dark blue patterned kimono.

Episode 2

A: “If it’s a festival dance…”
A: “You protected me.”

Episode 3

A: Ask about Masamune.
A: Follow him.

Episode 4

A: “I think it’s pretty.”
B: “I feel motivated.”

Episode 5

B: Special skill?
A: “My mother taught me.”

Episode 6

B: The horse is cute.
A: Look away and apologize.

Episode 7

A: “I’d like to see him.”
A: “You should eat.”

Episode 8

A: “I want to see my mother.”
A: “I won’t lose.”

Episode 9

B: Don’t go.
B: Force your way through.

Episode 10

A: “I understand.”
B: “Something troubling you?”

Episode 11

B: “Don’t surrender!”
A: “I’m interested.”

Episode 12

B: “Stay safe.”
A: “I believe in him.”

Episode 13

B: “I’m not worried.”
A: Calm down.

Episode 14

B: “Let’s take a walk.”
B: “I think it’s nice.”

Episode 15

A: “Thank you.”
A: Ieyasu

Episode 16

B: Dive into his arms.
A: “Please win.”