Sanada Yukimura Budding Hearts

Episode 1

A: I’ll fight too!
A: “Watch out!”

Episode 2

A: Deny your relationship.
A: “I’ll go.”

Episode 3

A: “I’m fine.”
B: “I’m very proud of them…”

Episode 4

B: Follow him.
A: Call out to Lord Ieyasu.

Episode 5

B: Don’t say anything.
A: Defend Lord Yukimura.

Episode 6

A: Listen in.
A: “That’s right.”

Episode 7

A: Stay with Yukimura.
B: “I want it.”

Episode 8

B: “Will there be a war?”
A: Hold on tightly to Yukimura.

Episode 9

B: Go to his room immediately.
A: “All right, I’ll do it.”

Episode 10

B: “I’ll make as much as you want.”
A: “Of course not.”

Episode 11

B: Accept it.
A: Agree with him.

Episode 12

B: Scold Yukimura.
A: “Yes.”

Episode 13

B: “It’s strange because it’s you.”
A: “You should take him.”

Episode 14

B: “Are you okay, Yukimura?”
B: Get a little closer.

Episode 15

B: “I’m happy.”
A: Suggest something.

Episode 16

A: “He’s right.”
B: “You shouldn’t fight.”