Atsumu Kashiwabara An Engaging Mission

Episode 1

A: “I’m lonely.”
C: “You’re so sweet.”

Episode 2

C: “I’m happy.”
A: “You’re so cool.”
B: Ask him.

Episode 3

B: Encourage him.
A: Is it because he lost confidence?

Episode 4

B: Help the boys bury him.
B: “Nothing.”

Episode 5

A: “Our future.”
C: Don’t say anything.

Episode 6

A: “There’s more to a guy than looks.”
C: “I know.”

Episode 7

B: “I won’t convince him.”
B: Run away.

Episode 8

C: “I trusted you.”
B: “Go on ahead.”

Episode 9

B: Kick him in the balls.
C: Crouch down.

Episode 10

A: “Thanks.”
B: “You’re the boss.”

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