Riki Yanase Sequel

Episode 1

A: I’m sorry.
C: You’re so mean.

Episode 2

A: I don’t remember!
A: Let’s look around.

Episode 3

B: There you go again.
C: Picture book painting.

Episode 4

C: I’m glad I could help.
B: I wanted to get it back.

Episode 5

C: Let me go.
A: Talk to him.

Episode 6

A: This is what you call normal?
C: You’ve got it all wrong.

Episode 7

A: I was so lonely.
C: A good-morning kiss.

Episode 8

A: I’ll change my attitude.
B: Please don’t be reckless.

Episode 9

C: I’m turning YOU down.
C: Do you want to fight?

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